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You are probably putting together your desktop gaming juggernaut. You have already settled on a GPU, RAM and even the case. The motherboard might not have a significant impact on your rig’s performance compared to the latest GPU, and you are probably thinking of skimming on it to save some money for high ticket items. However, the right motherboard can make a huge difference to your rig. Motherboards determine the connectivity, storage, and components you can hook up to your rig.

There are lots of options to consider when picking out the best motherboard to complement other components for your gaming rig. The options are as many as the different motherboards there are on the market. It might take a little time to find your sea legs when shopping for a motherboard. But that does not mean you have to take ages to scour through all the available boards to find the right one. Here is a quick checklist to help you chose the best motherboard for gaming.

AMD or Intel
Depending on the processor you chose as the heart of your gaming rig, you want to select a suitable motherboard. Both Intel and AMD have dedicated gaming motherboards. Gaming motherboards offer specific features meant to exploit and enhance the capabilities of either of the CPU. If you are going with an Intel CPU, go for a board that exploits the Intel Turbo Boost feature for increased CPU performance and optimization. For an AMD processor, grab a board that allows easy overclocking on all cores. AMD makes it almost trivial to overclock its processors, and you want a board that can overclock on all cores.

Thermal Dispensation
The power consumption and the thermal dispensation generated by a motherboard is another feature to consider before forking out that wand of cash. Toastier boards need more cooling, which in turn translates increased cooling requirements for your rig. Moreover, boards that tend to get hot during idle runs tend to consume more voltage when overclocked.

Use these two factors to make sure you buy the best motherboard for gaming, and you will not regret your decision.

Written by: Nimo101

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